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Giorgio Di Palma

Festa di compleanno

To celebrate the third birthday Meme Gallery invites the Apulian master ceramist, Giorgio di Palma with his installation "Festa di compleanno", created with the collective Pigmet of Bari. The exhibition, set up first at the Pino Pascali Museum in Polignano, then at the Gigi Museum Guadangnucci of Massa Carrara, arrives for the first time in Milan in a private space.

A tribute to past birthdays - especially to the aesthetics of the typically Apulian Seventies / Eighties parties - comes to life through Di Palma's ceramics and set up; these are memories of forgotten ages which takes us back to a place we wish to return to.

The objects done by the ceramist in the installation on the main floor of the gallery are linked not surprisingly to memories that have featured our lives in a playful and childish past season: there are milk sandwiches, popcorn, drinks, sandwiches, panzerotti, mozzarella, braids, cakes, chips and tarallucci, trumpet caps, streamers, flags, gifts and much more.

Consumer goods that lose their daily and utilitarian function because they are in ceramics, becoming objects that keep in mind temporal memories. Abstract goods which are part of a ritual linked to the creation of memory and the happiness shared through the time spent together.

A real party, as it is a collection of shapes and colors and unique objects, “Festa di compleanno” allows us to travel like a child, round and round and back home, to a place where we know we have been loved.

The exhibition continues downstairs, where another intimate place of the past welcomes us: the cellar. On metal structures, we find in a romantic disorder, copies of everyday objects in ceramic in real size, objects without any function but full of aesthetic, conceptual and emotional meaning, as Di Palma says - "ceramics that were not needed ".

Elisa Carrasai

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