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Meme Gallery is a small and curated showroom in Brera that offers a slow buying experience, that aims to transform the moment of purchase into an experience of connection, relaxation and closeness.


A former convent, first Cistercian then Benedictine, used in the 1960s as the concierge of a late 19th-century building located within a courtyard in Brera, just steps away from the Feltrinelli Foundation, the Anteo Cinema and Gae Aulenti Square. Born from an idea of ​​Maria Angela Di Pierro and designed in 2019 by architect Omar Berri, the space has now over three levels, transforming it into a one of a kind bright three-storey silos with a height of 7,50m.

Le Bottege Su Gologone


Giovanna Palimodde

We are now at the 9th exit ” of Meme Gallery, the small but particular space that Maria Di Pierro Losi has opened in Viale Crispi, just a few steps away from Brera. And there is a common thread that perhaps unites these exhibitions : Maria's historical focus on communication

design. Therefore, even in the set of these beautiful decorative arts products proposed by Giovanna Palimodde, it is, in some ways, the sign that guides us.

Hand painted runners and American-style set of plates are on display at Meme Gallery: to complete the mise en place, ceramic and porcelain plates decorated with portraits of Sardinian women are part of the exhibition. Giovanna was also able to collaborate with another island, smaller and certainly far away: with the island of Murano, which she has encapsulated in the glass plates with the embedded Sardinian filet in the glass - an ancient artistic processing technique made with a net that refers to the world of fishermen - in saucers, trays, tiles, offering new life and a new typological opportunity to those “centrini ”, small decorative and protective textile furnishing articles, undisputed kings of tables and bedside tables, placed under vases and object holders, which in our time are definitely out of use.


About us

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