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Beauty Treatment 

Gala Carlota Fernandez Montero

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From ’8 to 18 September at the “Meme Gallery ” in Milan the performance “Beauty Treatment” by Gala Carlota Fernandez Montero was held.


By appointment as to book any beauty treatment but in reality it was a special treatment, a portrait of the artist to bring oneself back to the center of one's own private universe, the mode so dear to the Renaissance aristocracy but in contemporary guise and accessible to all. that the mere private and mannerist portrait, is the pleasure of being portrayed that you have to rediscover ” - says Maria Angela Di Pierro, the gallery owner known as Meme- “ritrait not as an act of fine manner but as a beauty treatment mental, psychological and aesthetic, an education in beauty, and in art.


I am happy that a designer of the scope of Gala Carlota Fernandez, according to Elle Decor Espa ior Designer of Spain 2020, embraced my proposal and fell in love with my idea. She is an eclectic designer, an author not only with a great technical ability to design, illustrate and portray but with an equal emotional intelligence, a great empathic dote and a unique sensitivity capable of understanding how to make the person feel good. before portraying it ”.

“I consider “portrait-therapy ” an excellent tool to repair a narcissistic wound, caused by the lockdown - says Manuela Regenti, psychologist and psychotherapist - for many months we have been asked to give up the pampering we were used to and that gratified our ego: hairdresser, beautician …This is why it is now important to return to take care of ourselves and a portrait that embellishes and satisfies us, both physically and psychologically, I believe it is an excellent tool to use as a repair template. ”