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ILLUSIONI - Studies for urban art

Meme Gallery always challenges fate -  or at least tries to - and takes chances, and does it with the heart: this time to help one more sick child.


How do you "confine" an incredibly young urban artist in a very small gallery? How is it possible to "cut out" a piece of wall into a frame? Or to delimit a part of a whole in a 31cmx31cm piece of paper?

“Let’s do it…let’s do it” said in the 80s a group of comedians, we do it with courage and vision.


Andrea Gasparro, Sorte, 25 years old, is famous in Milan for his work “Bovisa Makers”, done as part of "Poli Urban colors" project in 2021. He is well known as a street artist, he is present in many places with his strong identifying sign: his sticker with his signature, his font, "bombing letters mixed with graffiti", is now easily identifiable and it stands out in a viral way almost everywhere in the city and around Italy but he almost never appears, he struggles to leave - like many colleagues - the "comfort zone of the wall" and to accept the challenge, for good reason, as it seems somehow against nature, to stay in a gallery.

We met him in his atelier, a Mars Black dark place, very intimate, all written from top to bottom of course. We were very fascinated by his drawings, by his studies for large dimensions, the result of obsessive and continuous research (as a good graduate of the Politecnico), and we thank him for having accepted to be hosted, albeit passively, in Meme Gallery, with the drawings of one of his many skills: the optical and architectural illusion.


“The virus of lettering captures many people in an all-encompassing way, often at a young age. " - says Luca Barcellona – “At some point you just know you have to write, and if graffiti is the spark, you'll be writing your name insistently, guided by your own instinct. It is then up to the individual to decide what to do with it, how to get out of the obsession to arrive at passion, which course of lettering to follow: much has already been done in the experimentation, because the calligraphic tradition of the past and the more recent one of writing speak unknowingly the same language. But there's probably still a lot to discover, different languages ​​can still cross and give life to something new. Sorte is at the beginning of this trip, and almost makes everyone envy for the whole road that he still has to face; a blank sheet that we are all waiting to see written, completely, in every inch."


Meme Gallery carries out one project a year for a social responsibility operation. In 2023 we chose Sorte; the proceeds from the exhibition will then be donated to the Maria Letizia Verga Committee to help research into oncohaematology in children.

Help us heal one more child. Thank you.


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